Board of Managers

The Board of Managers served important functions at Westminster-St. Paul's and the church was blessed over the years to have many skilled and talented individuals devote their time to this task.

Functions of the Board included all property-related activities at both the church and the manse, financial affairs, managing details related to the Annual Meeting and considerable fundraising.

Those who were asked or who volunteered to serve on the Board of Managers brought skills in property management, financial management, plumbing, electrical and general building maintenance.

Members of Westminster-St. Paul's have often referred to their 'church family' and the Board of Managers was an example. Everyone gave willingly of their time and talents and shared the work. Especially in the early days, this meant hands-on work of maintenance such as snow clearing, fixing electrical problems, painting and more. Tasks were undertaken as required with everyone pitching in as needed. "The church" wasn't just a place where you went on Sunday, but an important part of life which was shared with your church family or community.

Elsewhere on this website are the Board of Managers Minutes where you can see what they did over the years. link